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"Forever, for always, for YOU", Prince Diamond's NegaMoon Zone (PDNMZ) originally existed as a SailorMoon mega-site & has now grown into an Empire that includes "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" (PDNMZ: The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational), the most infamously-influential & Asian-themed online broadcasting & social network (PDNMZ: Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network), a website that dominates all other SailorMoon fan-sites on the Net (PDNMZ Passions: Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon), & an online Asian shop that is everyone's #1 brand in all that is Asian Multimedia Entertainment at affordable prices (PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience). In it's mission to "promote Asian culture appreciation through diverse & innovative initiatives", the journey has been a humble, dramatic, & thankful one that would love nothing more than to share with you.

With the PDNMZ Empire "Sponsor/Affiliate Initiative", we introduce yet another maverick sensation that allows us to share our "desire to inspire" with other like-minded individuals & organizations, while at the same time providing unparalleled reciprocal benefits to our partners. While each Entity within the PDNMZ Empire has their own specialized way to interact with fans worldwide, this new innovation brings all of those efforts together in a more seriously-intense fashion. Social networking, multimedia streaming, anime shrines, Asian-themed eCommerce, & Asian culture fusion festivals simply wouldn't be possible without your continued sponsorship & affiliations. We encourage you to visit any Empire Entity to truly experience & appreciate the effects of your support.

Former & current "Sponsor/Affiliate Initiative" participants can be found all throughout the PDNMZ Empire, enjoying such benefits as complimentary TAKII World Tour appearances, Shoppe X-Perience discounts, collaborative AMEN X-Stream programming, & a multitude of other limitless projects that can be tailored to suit your needs & desires. With that being said, "let the conversation begin!" The PDNMZ Empire's "Sponsor/Affiliate Initiative" will be "forever, for always, for you", our past, present, & future professional partners & friends.

The "Sponsor/Affiliate Initiative" Form is non-committal & for organizations of all shapes & sizes, only taking a few moments of your time to review & fill out. If you have a concern that isn't addressed by filling out this Form, please email: [email protected], or go to the PDNMZ Empire "Contact Centrale" portion of the main PDNMZ site & get in touch with the responsible Entity.

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